Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Infinite Gamification- Pariveda’s Expectations Framework

One of our FinFest presentations was on gamification and a question was asked about what is the game at Pariveda. A number of game elements were mentioned as possible answers, such as our Expectations Framework (EF). The answer: Pariveda as a whole is intentionally designed like a game for individuals to achieve their highest, fullest potential which requires an infinite rather than a finite game because careers are long-running affairs. Working lifespans are not infinite but they are very, very long. For a game to work infinitely, its elements must function accordingly and that is the intended role of our EF.

The EF lays out the game levels (cohorts) and the tasks (demonstrable skills) associated with each: pure, simple and transparent. When you have demonstrated proficiency you advance to the next level and earn rewards such as increases in pay, recognition, accountability and authority. Unlike an artificial game, our game is in real life. You play on multiple levels with different levels of mastery across different tasks simultaneously, when your advancing skills combine in a synergy of capabilities across thresholds of maturity as a professional, leader, coach, advisor and architect, you are ready for promotion to the next level. You are competing against a published standard of excellence (EF), not others. The power for one’s career advancement resides with you, the individual. Our game is subjective, but provides transparency on a level playing field. We do not hide behind anything. In our very vulnerability as an organization, we make it safe for everyone. There are no losers. Everyone wins. Without the EF, our infinite game doesn't work nearly as well. Closest literary/film analogy: Ender’s Game.

Compare our game to others’ where they reward individuals for endurance and pandering to supervisors. Numeric ranking systems are used most often (never with an EF). Everyone touts their game as objective. However, these finite game systems are entirely subjective, and not transparent, using brute force methods to advance some individuals’ careers. More hours worked correlates with learning and some of that might be relevant to career advancement even in the absence of intentionality. If you keep getting raises, keep hanging around, working more hours, learning more things, then just by surviving you might advance (about 1% advance regardless of industry or profession). The organization games individuals through a series of subjective gates. The game is all about giving power to the organization and not to individuals. Closest literary/film analogy: Hunger Games.

An infinite loop of finite games is not the same as an infinite game with finite loops. Pariveda’s game is pure, simple and transparent, with the goal to develop the individual for their higher purpose because that serves the greatest good for us as members of our organization and as citizens of our world.

Bruce Ballengee, CEO                          

Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 Houston CDO Executive Summit Speakers

Pariveda is looking forward to the Evanta Executive Summit Dec. 3 in Houston. DXP and Pariveda’s own Daniel Herrin will be talking about Energizing Enterprise Data Reporting. They will share the lessons learned from DXP’s journey and discuss the partnership between Pariveda and DPX.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pariveda and Freeman

Check out the work Pariveda and Freeman have done to solve complex problems and create solutions. 

Grow Your Career With Pariveda Solutions

Take a peek into life at Pariveda Solutions and how we can help you grow your career.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Atlanta Office named as Best Place to Work

Congratulations to the Atlanta office for being named as a Best Place to Work by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. We ranked #23 on their list!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pariveda Solutions Recognized for Work with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Pariveda Solutions is being recognized for their collective work with Big Brothers Big Sisters in the Dallas area. 

Pariveda contributed over $3000 from our bowling teams and added to the total $31,000 collected by BBBS. This money will provide 62 children with a Big Brother or Big Sister in Dallas County. 

Pariveda also donated over 200 backpacks full of school supplies to BBBS for the upcoming school year. Over 100 employees worked with clients for two weeks to gather the school supplies. 

To learn more check out the link below! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Houston Internship 2014

It has been a great summer at Pariveda Solutions. The Houston interns worked hard on creating an app for the Children's Museum of Houston. Before they left the interns created a video sharing their experiences at Pariveda from the past few months.